Frequently asked questions

Is Dickey Ministries becoming GraceWorks Global?

NO; Graceworks Global was founded in 2015, with a history that dates back several years before that. Phil and Joy Dickey are phasing out the ministry known as "Dickey Ministries" and joining GraceWorks Global as support personnel. We are assisting with office work and occasionally participating in ministry presentations. Each week, we are seeking where we can best serve, and our goal is to increase the effectiveness of GraceWorks Global because we believe in the purpose and goals of the ministry.

Why did the concert tours end?

There were several contributing factors to our decision: 1) Phil's music is most appreciated by people who are "baby boomers" and older. Therefore, the aging population resulted in a significant decrease in the number of churches that will invite us. 2) The effects of our own aging have made it more challenging to continue the rigorous travel schedule necessary to cover the cost of ministry and regular living expenses. 3) Family reasons have contributed to the desire to spend more time at home base, and... 4) (the most important reason) The opportunity to assist in a ministry even larger in scope and effectiveness in expanding the Kingdom of God than the Dickey Ministries format of ministry.

Are Phil's CD's still available?

Yes, for as long as we still have stock on hand. Information on available CD's is on the Dickey Ministries Music Page. We don't plan on ordering replacement copies of any existing recording projects unless new opportunities present themselves. Allen and Sheree Mann, the founders of GraceWorks are both accomplished vocalists, and Phil doesn't ever plan to quit singing for as long as God gives him a voice, so we don't rule out the possiblity of some future recording endeavors, but none are currently planned.

What is the new ministry all about?

For the detailed answer to this question, please take some time to peruse the GraceWorks Global website. The short answer is this - To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who will listen, and to contribute to the building up of the churches through pastoral training, children's programs, and practical projects of humanitarian assistance when appropriate.

How can I support the new ministry?

First of all, you can pray for us. Also, financial support is greatly appreciated. Phil and Joy have made the move to GraceWorks Global without a guaranteed salary, but are trusting God to touch the hearts of His people to support the work financially. By clicking here, you will be directed to a page where you can contribute online, either as a one-time or recurring gift, specifically for the support of Phil and Joy Dickey. Contributions can also be made directly by check or money order. It should be written out to GraceWorks Global, and note in comments, "Support for the Dickey's" mailed to: GraceWorks Global PO Box 2099 Payson, Arizona 85547 To contribute to the general needs of GraceWorks Global, click on this link.