The Face of Dickey Ministries is changing...

But the purpose of our ministry remains.

From the first day our ministry began in 1992, it has been our primary purpose "To Encourage The Saints". That is, to use whatever spiritual gifts and resources we have to build up the body of Christ on this earth. For nearly twenty four years, we were on the road, ministering to churches across the country through concerts and other means. Often, ministry opportunities have come through one on one contact as a result of our being in one of the churches along the way.

NOW WE HAVE BEGUN a new stage in our lives and ministry. The Ultimate purpose of this, and any Christian ministry, is to build up the body of Christ by sharing the Gospel.

​On June 18, 2017, we began the transition to our new positions in GraceWorks Global, an international evangelistic ministry, so our opportunity to minister has been expanded by this change.


As of the end of 2019, we have been available to represent GraceWorks in several churches, as well as helping to coordinate administrative volunteers, and handling numerous office duties ourselves.

We look forward to additional opportunities to share the vision and work of Grace Works Global

There is great worldwide opportunity to share the Gospel, and it is our hope that many friends and churches will partner with us in this new venture.

GraceWorks Global is an International Evangelistic Ministry committed to bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world logo